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Please consider age as an indication of the correct size. The correct size is always determined by the inside leg length.

Hey! Wie alt ist dein Kind?

Do you want to know how to measure the inside leg length correctly? Are you tall or short for your age? Don't fit the norm? No problem, neither do we. Take a look at the guide below and use our numbers as a guide:


7-11 years and/or 125cm to 146 cm and/or inside leg length 628mm to 766mm


9-14 years and/or 139cm to 166cm and/or inside leg length 694mm to 868mm

How to measure the inside leg length correctly

Measuring the inside leg length correctly is crucial to finding the perfect li:on bike for your child.

Here's a simple guide on how to take this important measurement:

What you need

A tape measure
A book or similar flat object



Ask your child to take off their shoes and stand up straight against a wall. Their feet should be flat on the floor.

Positioning the book

Place the book between your child's legs, as high as possible on their crotch. Make sure that the spine of the book is parallel to the wall.


Hold the tape measure on the floor and pull it straight up towards the top of the book. Make sure that the tape measure remains taut and straight. Read off the length at the intersection of the tape measure and the top edge of the book.

Note the measurement

Write down the measured length. This number is the inside leg length you need to determine the right size li:on bike.


Repeat the measurement two or three times to ensure that the results are consistent.

Perfect! Now you can choose your li:on bike.

Everything worked out? Then...

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