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From Pro Cycling to Pioneering Kids' Bikes: Our Founders' Journey

Learn more about the journey of three founders, fathers and former pro cyclists, Marcel Kittel, Tony Martin, and Franz Blechschmidt, who combined their passion for cycling with their parental instincts to revolutionize children's biking.From their professional highs to their personal experiences as parents, learn how they're bridging the gap in children's cycling with innovative, safe, and inspiring kids and teen bikes. Explore the Future of Kids Mobility

Why did we create li:on bikes?

“We are parents first, cyclists second. We know the joy when a child rides a bike for the first time - it's a milestone in a child's life and another step towards independence. But as former pro cyclists, we also saw a big gap in quality and innovation between children's and adult bikes. We wanted to change that, to make this important moment in a child's life both safer and more memorable." Discover the next generation bikes

How do we increase safety and joy?

"Every parent knows the worry that comes with letting their child bike to school. We've been there. That's why we focused on making our bikes highly visible and as safe as possible, to ease these concerns. But beyond safety, we wanted to ignite a spark in children – to give them a bike they're excited to ride, one that instills pride and encourages a healthier, more active lifestyle." Make the smart choice for your child's safety

What's the heart of li:on bikes?

"Our bikes are a blend of a parent's care and a professional's eye for detail. They're not just bikes; they're a child's companion on the road to independence, built to protect, inspire, and endure. With a Lion Bike, every ride is an adventure, a step towards confidence and freedom." Make the way to school a highlight